Animalier spotted, yes or no?

foulard maculato

Animalier spotted! When I was about 20, 25 years old, my friends and I used to criticise those women who wore anything similar to the coat of wild animals and we sentenced them to the circle of hell for “those who liked excess and were over a certain age”, that is to say the women that began to adorn themselves with showy accessories at every new lit candle on the cake. On my 35th birthday, an animalier spotted foulard by D&G came out of a present, whose wrapping was spotted too. I thanked aunt Pinuccia for the present, which I really loved, with surprise and horror.

Actually, I was realizing that I really, really liked that wonderful foulard!!! And those black and brown spots were leading me to some menacing doubts. Was I going through a strange metamorphosis? Was I changing myself into the old panther woman on the wane? But that foulard was driving me crazy! I could wear it from dawn to sunset! But would my “dear friends” gossip about me? Maybe yes… maybe no … maybe the older you get, the more you are attracted by the roaring of the animalier. Ok, ok, if I had to accept the idea of the magnetic attraction to the animalier … to what extent would I be under that spell? I was so confused…

To tell the truth that foulard was perfect on my cream coloured turtleneck. It was the right accessory… a little aggressive but it gave some allure to that faint garment. It made it … cool! So, at the end of so many questions the formula “save me from my friends’ critics and my existential crises” finally arrived. The animalier makes you look cool, on condition that you use it carefully, never mixed with showy accessories that sparkle and hurt the sight. Thus, forget sequins and feathers and go for simple outfits in the same shades of your spotted accessory. Black and beige coloured garments are perfect with animalier spotted shoes, belts, sunglasses, bags: they gain elegance and style.

Do you want to know how did my fatal attraction end? One day, while I was looking at a shop window in Rimini downtown I fell in love with a pair of animalier spotted flat sandals with a small stone on the big toe. I married them offhand and wore them thousands of times with A-shape dress, in beige or black colour.

Some years later a friend of mine gifted me a clutch bag, spotted and wonderful with elegant and sporty outfits. I realized  I was no longer the only victim of the call of the forest. Day by day, my friends too were yielding to the animalier style.

Last week I went to Cesena to visit my mum who was in hospital. While she was having a rest I took the chance to go eye shopping. In downtown there were many interesting shop windows, but one was more attracting than the others. A coat, simple pattern and knee length was roaring with wide open jaws from there. Beyond words…  and beyond my means too. It’s was everything too much, the price too, with all those numbers. But maybe… during sales… that wonderful animalier spotted coat could match my favourite blue jeans and training shoes…

What do you think about it? Am I going off the rails??? Let’s sleep on it … In the meantime if you too will notice the symptoms of the animalier syndrome, don’t panic, take a deep breath, accept it and use it with moderation! And remember to go for animalier print and never for real fur!



Groar to everybody and enjoy the weekend!



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