An elegant outfit for Easter for every body shape

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Dear readers! I really believe that the elegant outfit must be one of the topics inside your closet. Even if you spend hours and hours in front of a computer or inside your kitchen, sooner or later the special occasion that demands it will occur and you will have to look for the right one. It could be for any kind of ceremonies, like your son’s Holy Communion or Confirmation, the marriage of your best friend, or simply the special day in which to be the undisputed queen of the party. And I’m speaking on this argument just before Easter, which means that I can help you get some ideas through this post. And I’ve found the elegant outfit for every body shape, the one that best flatters your figure and that will make your femininity stand out, feel you at ease with others. Enjoy the reading!

brocade minidress


Elegant outfit for lean column body shapes

Forgive me if I start talking from the outfit that best represents me! I am a dreamer, but still with the feet planted on the ground, and the blog is the place where I can give vent to my dreams. I’ve created this outfit starting from the pair of shoes that drives me crazy, just exclusive as that of Cinderella. I’m speaking about Prada slingback shoes, coloured in black, pink and white, with studs on the instep and kitten heels. Simply amazing! Every single items of the look revolves around these shoes, a pink minidress with ruffles on the sleeves, tight trousers with micro-studs and a bag whose print perfectly matches the colours of the shoes. It is an outfit suitable for those with lean column body shape and long legs. It’s a jump to the past through the A-shaped dress and the shoes’ style, enriched with black jewels that contrast the delicate shade of pink of the dress.

Elegant outfit for pear and hourglass body shapes

The dress is in a fluid fabric that slides well on the feminine roundness of pear or hourglass shapes, without hagging them. The vertical lines of the dress help to slim the figure, while the draped belt highlights the waist, which these ladies have small and beautiful. Even the short jacket highlights the waist, and its transparency helps to bring out the dark green colour of the dress, through the shape of fabric’s flowers.The accessories are simple and elegant, perfect for women over 40.


Elegant outfit for apple body shapes

The apple body shape should go for a soft dress, in a fluid fabric that slides well on the breast and the belly. The wide and light cardigan, worn open, helps to elongate the figure, thanks to both the vertical lines of the lapels that reduce the space from which the dress comes out, and the light colour in contrast with the dark blue of the dress. The knee-length highlights the legs of this body shape, usually slim and beautiful. The sparkling items on the neckline and on the shoes attract the eye from top to bottom in a movement that helps to elongate the figure.


Elegant outfit for inverted triangle body shapes

The inverted triangle woman can have fun choosing among the many skirts with showy patterns, decorations in the lower part of the outfit that contribute to filling the volumes and balancing the proportions with the upper part of the body, characterized by wide shoulders. She should welcome the decorated skirt and match it with a simple blouse, better if it’s in a light silk fabric. In the following outfit accessories and shoes match perfectly with all the items and they have been chosen according to the outfit’s basic colour to add a touch of style and glam.

Have you found your elegant outfit for this Easter? If you still have any doubts contact me!

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