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The evening bag! A small jewel, a precious accessory that changes the outfit. This is the right definition. I hope none of you have thought that the topic about bags was concluded with the post I published last week, dedicated to the day bag! Indeed, as the sun goes down, bags too change and become smaller and sparkling. They still remain important and indispensable to create unique and special outfits. In addition, elegant bags for ceremonies too belong to this category, so, if in this wonderful Spring’s month, between a wedding ceremony and your daughter’s First Holy Communion you do not know yet which bag you should go for, well, open your ears and follow my precious tips.

As I already told you in my last post, the day bag can be of a different colour from that of the shoes, but, anyway, in harmony with the whole outfit. This piece of advice do not go for the evening bag: elegance must be respected in any case. So, if you plan to buy one, remember to pair it with your shoes, ça va sans dire, with heels. The difficulty lies in matching the right materials and colour shades, with the exception of black and blush colours, which are the most common ones for both shoes and bags. A good solution, especially when matching colours is almost impossible, is to opt for gold and silver, which are often the same colours of the details and decorations of shoes or of the jewels that add worth to your look. Metallic, glitter, embroidered… many are the styles that can make your outfit unique and special.

But which evening bag is more suitable for a stunning look? Let’s say that one of the advantages of the evening bag is given by its small shape that can be adapted to all women types. This little jewel does not have to contain almost anything, but only to add value to the dress. From the shoulder bag th the pochette, from the clutch to the hand bag, each has its own personality that can flatter any body shapes. The pochette, to carry by hand or underarm, is perfect for those with a smaller upper part of the body. The slim and rectangular shape adapts, however, with some small tricks to other physical types: those who have a large bust can carry it by the bracelet band, with the arm down near the leg.

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The shoulder bag is another good solution for the evening, provided it is carried on one shoulder and not worn cross-body. Take care where the bag places on your body and check that it does not emphasize the largest part of your body, the one you would like to hide. For this reason it is suitable for those with wider shoulders or with shoulders with the same width of the hips. For the evening, this bag must be chosen with the metal chain, to be paired with jewelry:  go for the bag with golden chain if you prefer jewelry in yellow gold, choose the steel colour if you wear white gold jewelry.

If you have fallen in love with a small clutch bag and you have an apple body shape, held your precious “box” close in hand, leaving the arm sliding towards the legs: the ideal solution for you is a small rigid clutch bag with a snap closure or the jewel ring clutch purse, so gorgeous and sparkling, in which you can tuck your fingers.

Let’s speak images instead of words! I’ve chosen some some special bags by Shopstylecollective between 20 and 50 $. I also invite you to do like me: wear the evening bag even during the day, to upset the casual look, make it more pleasant and graceful! And above all have fun! See you next time!

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