Do you really want to know something about me? My name is Simonetta. I am 54 years old, I like writing, I love fashion. I am the writer and the soul of Yourstyleover40, a blog that announces itself with its name, where you can find style, fashion and elegance tips, where you can learn how to appreciate and enhance your body and personality. Fantasy makes me fly lightly, in my blog where I feel like “the boss of myself” everything is simpler and more colorful, a dress can do magic just like the Cinderella’s shoe, fashion becomes well-being and happiness. It is a unique feeling that I would like to convey to every woman over 40 and that someone has also noticed and appreciated, mentioning my blog and my work.

My first book “The Sustainable Fashionista”

about me and my booksAfter publishing my first book on sustainable fashion in Italian language, Fashionista sostenibile, I thought I could translate it in English too, and after a couple of months I published The Sustainable Fashionista, the guide on conscious fashion dedicated to the women over 40 who look for tips on how to dress appropriately and perfectly on every occasion and want, at the same time, to know the true story of every gorgeous dress they are wearing and discover behaviours to be more environmentally friendly.

The press release on the launch of my book has been published on the following sites:

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What they say about me

I knew Linda Benninghoff via Instagram, she contacted me saying that she had produced a video on her Youtube channel dedicated to sneaker outfits for over 40 women. In this video she introduced two of my outfits in which I wear Adidas Superstar shoes both with a stripe dress and with casual pants and with me she also spoke about interesting styles by other fashion bloggers. The video is in German language, but the looks are really gorgeous and do not need any translation. Thanks Linda! (IG @linda_benninghoff)


when fashion saves youThe Pro Age Woman is the blog by Meri Frischman born to create a network of women for sharing topics, finding interesting content, being of inspiration. Meri Frishman published a post of mine in one of the blog’s newsletters, after asking me to write a post which could leave a message to other women. When fashion saves you speaks of the importance of passions, especially when life unexpectedly takes a different direction. A passion that for others may seem futile or obvious, but which for those who choose it becomes the only therapy to overcome pain and suffering.


My interview by SheSpark magazineThe American magazine SheSpark has featured me on my 52nd birthday, in their column “3 To Follow”. In this post I’ve been described as an ageless fashionista.

The post speaks about my style and my blog and focuses on my “comfortably chic approach to daily wear”, my philosophy based on effortless elegance, mixing styles to create balanced looks. Go to the dedicated page of my blog to find out more.



2019 was the year that most shook humanity on the future of our planet, now that we live in an era called the Anthropocene, that is, a historical period where for the first time it is the man who conditions the environment.

The natural disasters we are getting used to would be a consequence of the damage that man has done so far. Fashion is also responsible for this destructive process, but for some years now it has been moving towards a more responsible approach, that of sustainable fashion. I immediately liked the topic, Yourstyleover40 had to speak about and share this important message and so I decided to participate in the course organized by the London College of Fashion and Kering.


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