A trench coat for many different occasions

trench per diverse occasioni

Spring vibes and trench coat are a magical combination. This piece of clothing is a kind of essential in the closet and never goes out of style. In mid-seasons it peeps out on the fashion catwalks to bring gorgeous outfits for over 40 and over 50 women. Is it for the light weight of the fabric or for the elegant and clean shape? For sure, the trench coat can be combined with practically everything, not only with office uniforms!

trench coat

Trench coat classic colours that look good on everyone are beige and blue. As for the length, the choice must be made considering physical characteristics and taking into account a golden rule that also applies to outerwear, that of the hem which should never end at the largest part of the body.

If you are quite tall you can go for long garments beyond the knee, but if you fall into the petite category you could choose articles that are more proportionate to your height and take advantage of the colour rule, combining the trench coat, for example, with trousers in the same hue. The monochrome look, in fact, is a perfect ally for those looking to gain some height with small tricks and also applies in the choice of footwear.

How to wear the trench coat

With a pair of jeans and a T-shirt the trench coat is simply perfect, giving elegance to the casual look. And if you add a coloured silk scarf, the outfit becomes even more special. Women’s shoes with medium or low heels, combined with accessories in the same colour, take the look up a notch.

trench coat and denim

When comfort becomes a request, especially if you have to spend many hours away from home or simply because you need to walk for a long time, the trench coat can also be combined with more casual shoes, from tennis to chunky sneakers.

trench coat and sneaker

The classic garment immortalized by Humphrey Bogart in the film Casablanca can also lend itself to more feminine interpretations. In these days of social distancing I felt the need to create lighter and girlish looks, choosing short knee-length dresses instead of usual jeans trousers. Do you like the outfit with over-the-knee boots and a French beret?

trench coat and cuissard boots

What about this look based on the mini skirt and the rock ankle boots? Low heels and dark stockings are preferable, for a daytime or free time outfits suitable for over 40 women who aim for an original and balanced look at the same time.

trench coat and miniskirt

How do you like wearing your trench coat? Have a good day dear readers!

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