A showy necklace

A showy neckalce

A showy necklace.

A showy necklace is becoming a must in my closet. As the time goes by I realize that my clothes’ patterns are quite classic and simple and I let my personality express itself through accessories and above all jewels. I really like semi-precious beads and stones, I like their play of light. I created many jewels – this is one of my hobbies – every time I found a the stone with a particular colour and shape. As far as the choice of a stone I like thinking that the only rule is that of not having rules but to choose what we really like. In a certain way this kind of attraction comes from an unconscious physical need, because stones have therapeutic properties, thus it’s not us that we choose the stone, rather the stone that chooses and attracts us. But let’s go back to our main topic, the jewel that speaks for the anonymous dress, like this necklace with a large steel pendant I made last summer. Ok, ok….  I know what you’re saying… I’m a spring type… How do you dare to wear a steel jewel instead of a golden one?!? Well, I must admit it. I like steel jewels, but consider that I made it and I used some stones that really match my complexion, like the corniola stone which has a warm, fire-like background colour and the blue avventurina stone with white and light brown stripes. While I was making the pendant I started thinking of a fisherman’s net, from which fishes were trying to go out. Only some shells and sea stars still remained inside it. I was like that fisherman, and my imagination tried to reproduce that sea garden on the pendant.

I completed my jewel with a brown leather necklace cord.


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