A perfect cardigan for every body shape


(Picture by Pinterest) September comes with a smile, the colours of the countryside are filling my eyes. I can see myself with a long floral skirt or with my beloved jeans, always wrapped in a soft cardigan. My romantic soul arises, awakened by the beautiful September days, when the light becomes warmer, those golden brushstrokes make everything more beautiful.

These magical days, I like to keep on wearing my fluttering summer clothes and feel on my skin those good memories of the season coming to an end. I can imagine myself on a beautiful veranda in the countryside, in the company of a sunset on the horizon, the novel of the moment and a warm wool cardigan.

Do the same thoughts come to you too? So why not discover together the best cardigans and choose the one that best flatters our body shape?

The most common mistakes we make with the cardigan

Every garment is awesome when worn by the models on the catwalk or advertised in glossy magazines, especially those in wool or knitted. But when we come out of the fitting room, it’s always a whole different story. Which, however, can be fixed with the right style tips. First of all the cardigan should never be worn over a wool sweater or a blouse with long sleeves, if you do not want to add extra volume to your look.

blue cardigan and monochromatic look, Pinterest
blue cardigan and monochromatic look, Pinterest

Instead, choose a fluid dress in silk or a light fabric, opt for fitted jeans and a little top or a camisole if you look for a more casual look. However, orient yourself towards lighter garments than the cardigan, to balance the proportions. Do not forget, then, that the length of the cardi must also take into account your height and that long garments are not recommended for those who are petite. Pay attention to the proportions when wearing a dress under the cardigan. The hems create horizontal lines and break the visual continuity of a long garment or a of a monochromatic look.

cardigan and dress, Pinterest
cardigan and dress, Pinterest

Therefore, under the long cardigan, it is better to wear a short dress or fitted jeans. Also, leave it unbottened, or if you decide to wear a belt, close the cardi and leave it open a bit on the front. The vertical lines of the cardigan will make the silhouette slimmer. The short cardigan must be chosen according to your physical characteristics and the hem should never end at the largest part of the body. It is just perfect with trousers, the short waist-length and buttoned-up is very romantic and chic together with a pencil skirt.

green cardigan and pants, Pinterest
green cardigan and pants, Pinterest

The right cardigan for every body shape

On the apple-shaped body the winning choice is the soft and flared cardigan, which does not cling or hug the figure, with shawl collar and V shaped neckline. It should be worn unbuttoned, it is the perfect alternative to the blazer, because it doesn’t emphasizes the belly area. For the rectangle woman, some structure and shape at the waist are just perfect by creating a more feminine shape.

cardigan con tasche
casual cardigan with pockets, Pinterest

The lean column woman, being slim and thin, can go for casual styles with side pockets and wear the cardi with a belt. The pear-shaped woman should choose a cardi that finish either above or below the widest point of the hips and bottom. Waist definition is a must for the hourglass woman, the cardi must be worn closed partially, with a belt, if she doesn’t want to gain one or two extra sizes.

Have a good day, dear readers! If you have doubts you know how to find me!

office look with the cardigan, Pinterest
office look with the cardigan, Pinterest

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