A long dress for this Summer evenings and holidays

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The long dress is back! The great fashion designers have had models walk down the catwalks wearing different long dresses, suitable for many styles and occasions. I believe that among those gorgeous garments, there’s certainly the most suitable one, the one that will flatter your body shape. Trust me! And today I’m also going to convince those who cannot live without trousers or short dresses. And who knows if I will succeed in my intention! The long dress is really a versatile and elegant garment, perfect to be worn from dawn to sunset if you learn how to pair it with the best accessories. Why don’t you stay tuned, dear readers and get ready to listen to my pills of wisdom?


Let’s start speaking about the perfect style of the long dress and how to find the one that slides well on your body. Simply start from looking yourself in the mirror and pay attention to your best features and flaws. Follow now, these simple tips. If you have a lean column body shape, the best long dress for you is the one whose design follows your straight lines, like the pencil or the shift style, but if you are a pear-shaped type, you should go for something that enhances your beautiful wasp waist, like a softer and fluid clothing item, with a flared skirt or bias cut, the waistline marked by a special belt. Instead, go for the A-shaped or for the empire dress if the area around your belly is quite large.

The long dress is a very feminine garment that wraps the body without hugging, if chosen in fluid and slippery fabrics. However, pay attention to lightweight fabrics. Silk and viscose, for example, are perfect for those with a slim and lean silhouette: as they are very enveloping fabrics they tend to highlight the shape, to adhere to the body. So, alternatively, opt for cotton or mixed fabrics, those that do not stick to your body, to avoid those situations that may not make you feel at ease. The long dress is also perfect for those who want to increase some height. And the reasons are many! All the inches of fabric covering the body help to elongate the figure, the total block colour from head to toe creates the same illusion. And minute women can pair the long dress with heeled shoes in the same shade of colour. On the contrary, tall women should pay attention to the optical effects produced by monochromatic outfits and small patterns that seem to repeat endlessly.

Versatility, is above all the feature that I appreciate the most of the long dress. Indeed, you can wear it both during the day and in the evening. I like wearing the formal black dress with embellished rubber sole sandals or with sneakers, pairing it with a large shopper bag, a showy and cheerful necklace, to go shopping when the sun is still shining in the sky! And from the sunset on, however, I love the combination with jewelled heel sandals, the sparkling clutch bag that sends light reflections to a beautiful necklace. It’s the perfect outfit to go out with my hubby, have dinner in a restaurant over the bay of Gabicce, when the boats return to their moorings and the coastline prepares to host the fun of the night. ….. I’m definitely a dreamer! Don’t get bored with my wanderings, dear readers! You may find something interesting, and maybe have some fun too!

Think, therefore, to the long dress as a versatile and indispensable garment. I am convinced that, since you start wearing it, you will not be able to do without it. Happy weekend, dear readers!


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