A green dress or something green to shine a little more

(Photo from Pinterest) There is an Italian saying about the green dress that goes “If you wear green you trust your beauty”. Which is used both to say that green is a colour that inspires confidence and that it does not flatter all complexions. But here I am, to challenge the general opinion and make you change your mind, given that this colour is so trendy this summer, a new entry that will surprise any woman to such an extent that she will need something green in her wardrobe.

How to pair the green colour

Green is magic. At least for one reason. The green dress or any kind of green clothing can make wardrobe items and accessories shine, both in light and dark colours. It is easy to combine it with neutrals including white, cream, beige and black. The army hue becomes very chic together with the most feminine colour of any palette, the pink, while brilliant variations of green are elevated by combination with black and white. For the day, it goes perfectly with blue and yellow, to be chosen in the same saturation and brightness, for a special fashionista look.

green pants and blue blouse, Pinterest
green pants and blue blouse, Pinterest

A shade of green for every woman

Being an intermediate colour green can be considered cold or warm depending on the higher percentage of blue or yellow it contains. For this, there is a shade of green for every woman that is worth discovering! Light and warm colours such as lime green, leaf green and light green seem designed for the spring woman, the light and cold shades that recall the colours of water are more suitable for the summer woman.

The deep and warm greens reminiscent of the autumnal forest, such as olive green, forest green and sage green, stand out best with the complexion of the autumn woman, while the winter woman is just perfect wearing colours in blocks, with combinations of cold and bright colours among which emerald green and icy green emerge.

green jacket and pink dress
green jacket and pink dress, Pinterest

The green dress is more than just a coloured dress. Vibrant, muted or pastel, it always recalls nature and conveys a message of love for the environment, especially in the luxuriant prints with leaves and flowers. And if it is sustainable, if it is recycled from our closet or from a vintage market, or produced respecting the environment and workers, then it shines even more of a magical shade of green.

Which is the shade of green you love most? Now you know how to pair it! Have a nice weekend dear readers!

green blouse and yellow skirt
green blouse and yellow skirt, Pinterest

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