A floral dress makes you always smile

Does today’s post about the floral dress seem a little obvious? Not for me! The fact is that with better temperatures I can abandon my favourite denim trousers for a more feminine outfit, a dress! And I’ve probably been influenced on the argument by fashion trends, which propose the floral dress in many styles. From the knee-lenght to the long dress, from the slip to mini dress. Lovely solutions for everybody! But how to understand which dress is more suitable for our body? Well, dear readers, follow me in this short guide! I couldn’t forgive myself if someone would ask you the name of your upholsterer!

Let me start from the topic about the floral dress print. Large patterns are lovely and fun, but try to imagine them on your body and ask yourself this question: does this pattern emphasize some parts of your body even more? Or… is that beautiful rose lying right on your largest part? Well, If the answer is yes, divert to smaller designs. And of course, pay attention to the colours: remember to choose the ones that best flatter your complexion, go for warm shades if you are a spring or an autumn type, otherwise opt for cold colours if you are a winter or a summer. (If you still have some doubts on the matter, go to the dedicated page of the blog, the one about your  colour palette).


One of the reasons why I invite you to consider the floral dress as one of the must have items of your wardrobe is that it is an extremely romantic and cheerful garment, which invites people you relate to, to smiling. You now have only to discover the best style for your body shape, don’t you? well, let’s start from the one I like the most, the slip dress. I really adore it, worn with sneakers and a white tee, just to mix casual and elegant style together. Change, however, the footwear, if you are preparing to go out for a coffee with the friends of the Lyceum, those that you have not seen for at least 10 years. And do as I do! Add very special items, like coloured ankle boot.

The style with elasticized sock, better known as sock boots, is trendy and comfy with the low and thin heel, the legendary Kitten of the 50s. This kind of dress is perfect for lean column body shapes, but if you have an apple physique with a large belly, don’t despair and pay attention to two important tips. The first is the cut of the dress, which must be biased or A-shape, that is to say, two styles that slip well on your roundness. Secondly, add a cardigan without collar, of the same length of the dress, whose vertical lines will create that optical illusion that manages to decrease the belly area. Last but not least, wear heels! For a stunning effect!

floral slip dress
floral slip dress

“Simo, aren’t you forgetting about us, are you? The most feminine women on the planet, the only ones that have the hourglass body shape!” And how could I ever, my dear readers! The floral dress seems to be designed for you, who have a short waist and roundness in the right place! And who better than you could wear the wrap dress or the dress with a defined waistline! And the floral dress emphasize your femininity even more.


Last but not least the long floral dress, which has always a strong effect. Pay attention, however, to the pattern that completely covers your body, don’t stumble and risk to be mistaken for a blossom field! My suggestion is to opt for a pattern that do not cover the whole dress but fades towards the hem and the neckline, like that of the next outfit. The long dress is so important that you just need to add very simple flat shoes that just come out under the hem. And of course, the feet! They must be perfect and lacquered, especially if you wear sandals! Enjoy yourself, dear readers!





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