A few and easy tips for a flat stomach

Having a flat stomach is the dream of all women. And it is also mine, even if I have been given a lean column body shape and have practiced competitive sports for many years. Which confirms that the older you get, the more difficult this goal become. Pregnancies, eating habits, unstable hormones, just to mention some of the most popular factors that can wipe all the efforts you made in the gym hall to sculpt the abs. How many times have you waken up in the morning with a flat stomach and got roundness in this area during the day? Well, if your answer includes this calculation, stay tuned with me to figure out how to camouflage that unsightly balloon.

At the top of my list about the tricks for a flat belly there is the shaping corset. I’m not a fan of this constrictive tool and I’ll talk about it without a real knowledge. You know, in fact, that I generally give advice about wearing the most suitable clothes for your body, rather than suggesting that you can insist on entering at all costs into the little black dress, especially if it is not the right garment for you. But if it happens that you are to go out for a special occasion and want to throw the dart of passion towards your sweetheart with a stunning all curves dress, well, then yes, in that case you will receive my consent. The shaping corset will be appropriate, indeed, it will help you get more confidence and happiness and make you the queen of the night.

But now, let’s leave the little black dress aside, and take into consideration the dresses to wear during the day. The A-shaped and the empire styles widen gently from the area under the breast and slip on the hips without hugging. Pay attention to the fabrics, however, which must be soft and light: go, therefore, for chiffon and organza, avoid, instead, shiny and stretch cloths.

The high-waisted dress is another clothing item not to be missed, because it stands out the waist and distracts from the belly area. It is an extremely feminine garment and with a full or flared skirt it is perfect also for those with rounded and big legs. A coloured belt can help draw the attention to the waist and diverts the eye from your flaws. Consider also the jumpsuit, one of the trendiest items of last years’ fashion. Avoid it, however, if you have an apple body shape, go instead for the A-shaped dress or for the simple straight dress to wear, however, with the open cardigan or the kimono.

Have you ever wondered why the Hollywood stars often wear the side colour block shif dress? Simple! Because those lines rebalance the proportions and make the belly area slimmer. And the flat stomach emerges thanks to those optical effects that cause your eyes to follow the movements of the lines in the dress’ pattern, from top to bottom.

Even the jacket is an excellent ally of the flat stomach. The shaped one, then, makes the torso more balanced and gives harmony to the outfit. And of course it adds class and elegance, especially at your work outfits.

You can also distract your eyes from the flaws with details on the upper body, including statement necklaces, bows and scarves, as long as you do not have a very large bust.

Avoid the belts on the hips area. It often happens to see beautiful ladies that wear long dresses with the belt blocked on the belly area. No comment…

At the beach, if you have a very large stomach, you’d better go for the one piece swimsuit or the tankini, otherwise, pay attention to the bottom part of the bikini, which must not create the muffin top in the belly area. And if you still have doubts on the matter, visit the page of the blog dedicated to the best swimsuit for every body shapes. 

See you soon, dear friends! Let’s keep in touch!


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