A fashion coat for every woman

Winter is approaching and the weather forecasts say that freezing air from Siberia will come in the next days. After my last week’s post dedicated to jackets, I must absolutely speak about the coat, the protagonist of the fall / winter 2018/2019 fashion, that comes back with really new styles and colours. I don’t want you get cold just because I haven’t considered this topic before! So, follow me in my guide to discover the best coat ever!

When I think about this garment my imagination goes to an extremely elegant item, worn by real icons of style, among which the beautiful Audrey Hepburn stands out. And it also goes to the oversized coat with kimono sleeves by Max Mara. It was 1981 when it showed up for the first time in glossy magazines. I remember it well, my friend Nico had one in tweed wool fabric, a style that continues to be so beautiful. Indeed, I would say that it is in tune with the trends of the moment, characterized by wide shapes, long or medium coats, wrap or cocoon styles, large and straight cuts.

The coat trends of this Autumn/Winter

The beauty of this Autumn/Winter fashion stands in the styles, so soft and wide, that meet the consensus of many women with different physical characteristics, often obsessed with the idea that nothing can be adapted to their body. Don’t despair anymore, this is your fashion season, dear readers! The coats that are fantastic on the young girls on the catwalk can be worn by everyone, believe me! Let’s start with the wrap style with the long belt at the waist: it is ideal for the hourglass woman, the one who has the wasp waist. The long and straight coat is also good for the apple woman, provided it is in a soft fabric and has the shawl collar. And what about the A shaped coat that is larger in the bottom! Perfect for the woman with a pear body shape. The lean column body is enhanced by straight lines and can choose both the double-breasted and single-breasted style, which is better for those with a full bust.

The camel coat

The garment par excellence is that in camel colour, which is also synonymous with extreme elegance. This Winter it’s really on fashion and it’s also a colour that looks good on every woman, in the hottest shades and tending to brown for the Fall woman, in the clearer shades for the Spring woman. The colder colour shades are perfect for Summer and Winter women.

The new colours and patterns of the fashion coat

Special colours and patterns are the news of this Winter fashion. Let’s leave the fluo and gaudy colours to younger women and go for the mustard colour and the powder blue that are really feasible, perhaps to keep an eye on if you want to buy a present for you on next Black Friday. The Prince of Wales, the plaid, the animal print, all these patterns are really beautiful for this Winter and give a little pop and style to the classic monochrome look, even if they are subjected more to the trends of the moment. A new entry is the teddy coat, the plush coat with a wide cut, in colours ranging from beige to hazel. It is certainly a warm garment, but it adds volume, therefore it’s better indicated for the skinny. To wear on basic and one colour looks, since it is already so conspicuous of its own.

Good bargain for your next Black Friday shopping, dear readers!

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