A denim jeans for six easy looks

These sunny days bring spring vibes and lighter outfits, but above all denim jeans. After last week’s last-ditch effort at winter, that also brought us the snow, blue cotton canvas trousers are back in our wardrobe to surprise us with many different combinations. Thanks to the shades of blue and the fabric, denim jeans range in the most popular looks, from work to free time and informal evening. But creating the perfect outfits and adding the right accessories means taking our favourite blue jeans to a higher level. And, of course, talking about class and style with a few simple tricks.

blue jeans e tuxedo

In these months of transition to spring, blue jeans are worn with winter or light garments depending on the temperatures. Combat boots or heels, suit jackets or long cardigans, how can we style them to create gorgeous denim looks? I have some ideas and if you are short of inspiration, you just have to keep on reading this post.

Denim jeans and cardigan

The long cardigan can be a very chic garment, especially if made in a precious yarn and embellished with metal buttons that give some sparkle to the outfit. It is perfect on the casual look with accessories of the same colours that make the outfit more suitable for over 40 and over 50 women.

blue jeans e cardigan lungo

I also like denim jeans with the designer belt bag worn on the lamé yarn cardigan, combined with combat boots for a comfortable and refined result at the same time.

blue jeans e marsupio griffato

Denim jeans and jacket

The pink jacket always adds joy, the colour that symbolizes women and romanticism goes perfectly with all shades of blue. For those who are more sensitive to the cold, the combat boots become a necessity, together with the shoulder bag of the same colour that takes the look up a notch.

blue jeans e giacca rosa

On warmer days transitioning into spring, the long jacket becomes a chic coat and if you want to create a look which is not too casual, you could go for sneakers in the same colour as your favourite trousers.

blue jeans e giacca lunga

Denim jeans and sweater

Feminine shoes with thin heels – medium or high – plus an elegant shirt or a lace top that peeks out from the hem of the sweater. What do you think of it?

blue jeans e maglioncino

Have you noticed how the look acquires more elegance? Denim jeans become more interesting, thanks to the right combinations and some refined accessories that appeal over 40 and over 50 women.

blue jeans e top in pizzo

Now you just have to open the doors of your wardrobe and create the outfits I have just shown you. Enjoy yourselves!

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