5 winning white outfits for any season

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How many times have you been told you should wear black because it makes you look slimmer! And how many times have you avoided white outfits believing they would give you some extra size! Surely more than once you should have had to choose between these two colours, guided by false clichés. White is not a real colour, it’s pure light, a real explosion of light that can only improve your look and your mood. First of all, to the people you relate with, because it communicates trust and good humor. And to you too: if you choose the right shade of white that flatters your complexion and enhances the colours of your eyes and hair, you feel at ease, you look healthier and younger, and the signs of time will be minimized.

Each type of woman has its own shade of white. The spring woman has very delicate physical characteristics that stand out with light and warm colours, reason why she should go for ivory white and match it with light and warm colours. The autumn woman too can use ivory white or cream white, but because of her overall colours that are deep and darker, she should match these shades of white with darker warm colours, those that call to mind the autumn forest. White snow is instead the right shade for the winter woman, a cold colour that can be combined with black or with other colours that have cool and glacial shades. The summer woman is perfect with pale white combined with light colours and in any case with cool shades. (Go to the dedicated page of the blog for further details on your best colours).

Now, that I have almost convinced you on the benefits of wearing white outfits, I’ll give you some tips on how to introduce this colour in your closet. Because it still continues to be one of the trends of the winter season.  And above all because it’s also one of the trends of next Spring Summer collections. That’s why I have thought about suggesting 5 outfits, which are classic but not banal, to wear white with glam and personal style.


White top and black items

Two not real colours, so opposite that they inevitably draw in a classic and formal combination. Choose a white twin set, or a white blazer, or if you prefer sports and casual look, go for an Aran sweater. Match your garment with a black pencil skirt and black heeled ankle boots, or a wide pair of elegant black trousers and heeled shoes, better for minute people, in the same colour of the trousers. Tallest women can opt for a pair of white sneakers that gives a bit of joy to the outfit. Add a necklace and bracelets with black crystals, for an elegant and classy effect.

White top to bottom

Get ready my dear readers: Spring fashion proposes total white outfits with tailored suits and trousers, all strictly white. I really like this colour top to bottom, but I must admit that total white outfits are definitely hard to wear for many women who have not the same size of the beautiful girls walking on the catwalk. But some tips can help. First of all you have to choose the right style of blazer for your body shape – if you still have any doubts on the matter you can read my post about blazers and jackets – then, you must go for coloured accessories to avoid the bridal effect. Think of a silk scarf, a belt, a pair of shoes and a bag, all in the same colour and shade, choose among blue, red, green, shocking pink, if you really want to dare, or black and dark blue if your style is more classic and formal. My next tip is dedicated to curvy women and to those who have large waist and hips. If you like  total white look, wear garments of the same kind of white but made of different fabrics. Which means that you have to go for soft and fluid materials that hang well on your roundness. Opt for viscose blouses, cut on bias or A-shaped, long enough to cover the hips or the most prominent part of the thighs. Match it with skinny trousers in soft or stretchy fabric, add a pair of blue decolleté shoes.  To complete the outfit go on with bangles, a long necklace and a clutch bag. Of the same shade of blue, of course.

Blue and white outfit

I start thinking about the sea and the beach, only by thinking of these two colours! Which makes me believe how the choice of colours can affect the mood. And imagine how some colours can positively change your days, when you wear them from dawn to sunset! You can go for a white blazer or a cardigan, match it with blue trousers or jeans, add a white and blue striped T-shirt, dark blue shoes, with or without heels. No comments to add. Blue and white outfits speak for your style and personality! Provided that you choose the blazer and the trousers that best flatter your body shape!

White dress and coloured blazer or micro cardigan

I know you have a white dress in your closet, A-shaped or wrapped style. And I also know that now that you are over 40ies, you would like to wear it without being mistaken for a kind of a bride! What you have to do is simply match it with a coloured blazer or a coloured small cardigan to break the total white effect. Add a pair of heeled shoes, in the same colour of the outerwear, for an amazing outfit.

Optical outfit in black and white

This Spring, geometric lines and optical prints are back on the catwalk. But a little care must be taken. The general rule about wearing prints says that curvy women should opt for patterns where curved and transversal lines predominate, while on women with  linear physiques, geometric lines and angles work better. Moreover, the size of the print must be proportionate to the size of the person who wears it. So, taller women shouldn’t go for micro geometries and polka dots. I really know that you do not agree with some of these tips, because it often happens that we are attracted by what is not perfect on us (I like paisleys patterns but I should choose geometric lines that best flatter my body shape, which I do not really like). Let’s try to match rules with our passions and stick ourself together with one single rule that can really help.  Thus, go for one optical garment with a medium size print, wear prints in the upper part of your body and match it with a pair of trousers or a skirt. Inverted triangle body shapes must reverse this tip and go for optical print in the lower part of the body. For a truly original look to change classic white outfits.

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