5 outfits with the denim shirt for all body shapes

camicia di jeans e blazer bianco

I have to admit it. The denim shirt has never been one of my priorities, but recently I have changed my mind and I have discovered that it is really another must have to add to my endless list. I used to wear it when I was a teenager, like all my friends, then, growing up, I abandoned it. I found it difficult to match it with another of my dearest clothing items, the denim trousers, because they often did not have the same shade of blue. Now, however, after many experiments on possible and creative combinations and conversations on the subject with the friends of all time, I am ready to show you all my secrets and lead you to wear this versatile clothing item. And I promise you that I will find the right outfit for each of you, with the denim shirt, it doesn’t matter which body shape you are!


denim shirt, white blazer, red ankle boots
denim shirt, white blazer, red ankle boots

Denim shirt and skirt

How much I love this outfit! The pencil skirt in dark denim paired with the light denim shirt. A super casual and sober look based on denim items must be lighted by special accessories to add a touch of personality to the outfit. I really like very feminine items like the kitten heel shoes, the belt and the silk scarf in the same colours. And I think it’s perfect with one of my favourite garments, the biker jacket, just to stay in tune with the fashion of this Spring: the result is a mix between casual and elegant accessories, perfect for women with a lean body shape. For those who have a pear-shaped body, the high-waist full skirt, in thin and fluid fabric, is a perfect garment that highlights the short waist and slides well on the hips. Coloured shoes with thin or Italian heel, together with a very short biker jacket, they really enhance the figure and give a flavour of rétro style to the outfit.

Denim shirt and faux leather trousers

The basic rule of mix and match different clothes states that you have to mix basic items with eccentric items. The denim shirt is the right garment to start from, to which you can add special items, like a pair of faux leather trousers. The black crew-neck sweater, from which the collar and the sleeves of the denim shirt stand out, completes a decidedly sober look that can be worn every day, even to go to work. Brogues and Oxford shoes add a touch of British style. It’s an outfit suitable for everyone, but take care of the hemlines of your garments: they must never end at the largest part of your body.

Denim shirt and animalier print

Given that denim is particular suitable for combinations with eccentric elements, you could also adopt it, my dear readers who are in love with animalier print, starting from a total denim look based on light blue shirt and dark blue trousers. Now you can give vent to your passion and add the ballerina shoes, a silk scarf and the glasses, all in a beautiful small animalier print coordinated in colours in all accessories. Are you a bit disappointed? Did you want something more flashy? My dear beautiful friends! I can speak about elegant animalier print, not about roaming items!

Denim shirt and trouser suit

Next spring there will be an explosion of mono colour trouser suits. Nothing better than a denim shirt to break the severity of such a formal outfit! Total white or total pink, choose the best trousers and jackets for your body shape and go for the denim shirt to get an elegant but not banal look.

Denim shirt, blazer and sports trousers

The classic combination that we all have in our closet, consisting of blazer and white shirt or T-shirt and sports trousers can be renewed by a denim shirt. The casual outfit gets elegance and quality by adding some important accessories, starting with the long necklace with semi-precious stones, the belt and the shoes in the same colour, the silk scarf.

And now that you understand how to wear a denim shirt you just have to look for the right occasion to wear it!

Have a good weekend and let me know if you still have any doubts!


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