5 outfits to wear sneakers and look amazingly elegant

sneakers and Prince of Wales trousers

Sneakers I love you! When I was a younger, I used to wear trainers and sneakers every day and in any occasions. How many pairs of Superga and New Balance shoes I had worn out! Especially with mini skirts and long dresses. I created outfits suitable for my age and above all comfortable. I still remember one of my favourite skirts, a short skirt with white sequins that my beloved aunt Berta had sewn for me for a party in a disco. It was wonderful with my beautiful Superga canvas shoes and I could dance hours and hours without suffering foot pain. The outfit was simply amazing: the simplicity of the shoes softened the somewhat showy effect of the skirt and together with the white t-shirt and the blue jacket they created a nice and classy outfit.

My love for trainers and sneakers came from my sports nature and attitudes, something that has always belonged to me and which still brings me to mix these shoes with classic and formal outfits, to make them more pleasant and less formal. I really appreciate the fact that many stylists often use this kind of shoes to mix styles, create particular looks that meet the taste of a wider audience. And there’s a wide choice of sneakers around. I have chosen some, thinking about the style and elegance of a woman over 40ies.



Sneakers and Prince-of-Wales checked trousers

I have recently started wearing this classic pair of trousers with sneakers. I used to think of Prince of Wales checked trousers as a bit old fashioned garment. But the sneakers completely changed my opinion. Actually I’ve realized that the combination with this pair of trousers gives the outfit a blow of life. To complete the look I generally add a sweater in the same colour of the stripe that creates the outer check in the Prince of Wales fabric. A tip I’d like to share with you is that of wearing sneakers whose colour does not contrast too much with that of the trousers. Thus, avoid white and choose between the greys and the colours of the earth. There are many sports shoes in these colours in the shop windows, waiting for you, to renew decidedly classic garments.

Sneakers and Prince of Wales trousers
Sneakers and Prince of Wales trousers

Sneakers and trouser suit

The classic office suit, a matching jacket and trousers, usually in grey or blue or pinstriped. Hands up if you do not have in the closet this formal work uniform! It’s a dull garment that must necessarily be accessorized with a pair of sneakers in a completely different colour! In this case, coloured or white shoes, black ones with white soles, they all are perfect to create a look with strong contrasts, suitable for those who cannot give up their personal style even at work. And don’t forget a nice coloured scarf!

Sneakers and jacket coordinated in colours

Jacket, jeans and sneaker: it is the typical outfit of the creative person who does not renounce to timeless garments, but who, at the same time, interprets them with the personal taste. I like the matching based on colour, with jacket and sneakers in the same shade: a camel or dove colour jacket with gold / bronze sneakers, a black jacket and sneakers with black sequins. Everything else comes by itself, the white t-shirt and the dark pair of jeans or the elegant trousers, to chose according to your body shape.

Sneakers and pencil skirt

Wear sneakers with a pencil skirt and a slightly wide and waist length sweater, if you have a column body shape. This look is perfect for the office and gets elegance if the suggested garments are of the same colours or shades. Add accessories according to the colours for a overall result of elegance and style.

Sneakers and long dress

I love this outfit! Think of a long black dress from which fashion sneakers stand out, in silver colour, or gold, or even with sequins! Add a clutch bag with many precious stones that match perfectly your shoes’ colour.  And if you really want to be elegant and unique, complete the outfit with long gold or silver necklaces, coordinated with the sneakers’ colour you wear, and wrap yourself in a beautiful silk stole with long fringes or in a faux fur stole. The location …  this is up to you!

How to choose a beautiful pair of sneakers:

  • Choose fashion sneakers, made with refined materials and in metallic colours. From sequins to lace, in gold or silver, that is to say the materials and the colours generally used in party outfits and often associated with the concept of elegance. It’s the right way to overturn the nature of sports shoes and turn their status from “use me for sports occasions” to “wear me with special outfits”. I did not resist when I saw a pair of metallic golden rose sneakers on sales. Together with the golden sweater and the skinny faux leather trousers the effect is amazing!
  • This tip is for those who need to lean their body shape and also for minute women: look for sneakers with inner heels or go for colours coordinated  with the lowest hemline worn. By matching hemline, tights and shoes you can elongate the leg.
  • Strong and contrasting colours tend to shorten the figure and therefore are more suitable for taller women.


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